What is UFC?

It’s an ever so growing topic, you hear it on the bus, you see it on the television and you hear friends talking about it. But you aren’t quite sure about it. So what is UFC? Let us guide you through it and bring some clarity in this popular upcoming sport!


The UFC was created in 1993, in the United States Official Website of UFC. To begin with, the sport had minimal rules and originated from the full contact sport of Vale Tudo in Brazil. It was promoted as a challenge to determine the most effective martial art in real fights between competitors of different disciplines. The early UFC used the phrase “There are no rules!” and it allowed controversial fighting techniques such as groin strikes, headbutting hair pulling, and fish-hooking. The first UFC event was held on November 12, 1993, and goes by the name of UFC 1. It was held in a tournament format were the winner of each match went on to face another opponent in a second round. In the competition, masters in kickboxing, karate, boxing and jiu-jitsu could be seen. There were no weight classes in the early tournaments and the fighters usually wore clothes designed for their individual fighting styles. Weight classes today include Strawweight, Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight.

what is ufc

What is Mixed Martial Arts MMA 

What is UFC and what is MMA? The mix of different skills and fighting styles was named Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).The sport was violent and with it, came many critics. The United States Senator John McCain, was one. The boxing fan, McCain, is supposed to have called the sport “human cockfighting”, and urged city governments and state governors to ban UFC events. This lead to many arenas banned the events from taking place there. However, it wasn’t too long before there had to be a change in rules, and many of the previously allowed techniques were banned.


The fighters had to adapt and expand their repertoire. Beginning by focusing on their previous honed skills, they had to improve various techniques in order to compete.  As the sport and the rules evolved, some of the now legendary UFC fighters started to emerge. Notable fighters include Randy Couture, Mark Coleman, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Pat Miletich,  and Tito Ortiz, Vitor Belfort, Frank Shamrock, Mikey Burnett, Evan Tanner, Jeremy Horn, Pete Williams, Andrei Arlovski, Jens Pulver and Wanderlei Silva, and recent fighter Jon Jones, among many others.


What is UFC and MMA? UFC is the biggest organization in MMA, and hosts most of the top-ranked fighters in the world. Despite it’s US origins, it’s today one of the fastest growing competitions in the world with events held all over the world! In Canada the sport is growing quickly, and thus far, there have been close to twenty UFC events held on Canadian soil. In fact, the biggest UFC event to date was held in Canada, with an attendance of over 55 000 people! The United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden are also countries where the sport is growing rapidly. Australia has seen six events with the most recent one in 2014, UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Bisping. Japan was one of the first countries outside the US, to host a major UFC event,  Ultimate Japan in 1997.

What’s next?

UFC is the fastest growing sports organization on the globe. There’s no limit how big the sport can get, and why is that? It’s because it’s the greatest sport on earth! Football might as well become sidelined as the number one sport in the world!